I haven’t done much photography in the past years and maybe it would helped in building my projects. But these collections are still vivid to me.

A noir series Canon A1 silverprint Minimalist set Models: Sienna Hanshaw and Ian Truman Photography and Art Direction: I

Cover for Mathias Horowitz

A documentation of the Railroad tracks between Mile-End and Rosemont. Most of which I am using in my next project (graphic novel)

Along with a collection of friends and colleagues also for my graphic novel

Andy Michel, dancer, choreographer, teacher, visionary



Steevens, dancer


Jesse Jean Bart, sponsored skateboard and generally awesome spirit!

IMG_20131129_191533 IMG_20131129_192437 IMG_20131129_193008

local tourists 😉



I love my city. There really isn’t anything like Montreal. Looking at these, I feel a true connection emotionally and physically to each project. The way I portray, the locations I choose, they are what inspire me to be who I am, they are what defines me as a person, as an artist, as a mother and as a lover.  The architecture and the details in the people make the composition of my photography. I will set up however, but will always have to alter once the people are in it, because they give it the extra voice.

Many projects 🙂



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