Getting in touch with a more esoteric side, this series goes on exploring Wicca practices, Astrology, Energy works and Buddhism with fast drawings on over 60 MDF pieces of 2”x7”.


Beyond human, we are beings

Beings with complex equations of random push and pulls

Connecting. Disconnecting.

Connecting. Disconnecting.

In constant readjustments, barely fully satisfied

Craving for accomplishments rather than achieving them at our own pace


From one end of the world, to another, we thrive

We fight for our rights, we judge others for what we fear

We love, we share, we discover, we lust

Comparing our knowledge and moving forward

Balance we seek

Freedom for which we speak.


In the end, we tend to forget to live the moment where it all comes together

The moment we wake up with a smile

The moment we let someone cross the street and they thank us

The moment when everything comes together naturally

The moment we share a special bond with someone


Power, a word that describes a total control

Power, a word that quickly devours its own worth

Power, a state that knows no bounds

Empowered, a stepping stone to growth


Close your eyes. Take a step back. Breathe.

Feel the breeze of the whole world around you

Then tell me if all your anger is worth the trouble







Fear: an emotional State of mind

We only live once

And so, if we look at it this way,

Our every move make a difference in the path we chose

Decisions we make might cause obstacles or avenues, opportunities

But in the end, the actions on these decisions are what matter

If we continuously prevent or block ourselves from doing things that make us happy

Or doing things out of pure impulse of the moment, then what’s the point of being on this Earth?

Fear of disappointment

Fear of letting go

Fear of being alone

Fear of being free

Fear of being elitist

Fear of being powerless

Fear of being undervalued

Fearar of being someone who you are not

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the uncontrollable

Fear of doing less than anticipated

Fear of doing too much


If patience is a virtue, then let it be my guide. Because for all my flaws, restlessness is the true evil that keeps me from flying to my highest dreams.

Yet, it’s what causes my drive to be real

It’s what cause my unease, and what keeps me from seeking balance every moment of the day








DON’T ever be ASHAMED of your past.

You cannot control it

Your past made you who you are today

And your decisions will dictate who you will become tomorrow

Everyday, you construct yourself

You built and rebuild

It’s a masterpiece in becoming

Patience and dedication will bring you peace

Once you hit that balance

You will feel whole

No matter who you are and where you come from

DON’T ever be ASHAMED of your decisions

We will make mistakes and they make us stronger


In motion

I grew up pretty much alone among movements of people, friends, family. There was always a sense of relentlessness waking me up to do something. I never felt home anywhere (and still don’t) which caused me to be in an everlasting motion. Out of focus. Spending most my time in transport from school to home to basketball practice or dance class, music quickly became my comfort zone. I would constantly search for vibes and sounds that made me want to move, that made me want to express myself and find common ground with other people. I went from ballet jazz to hip hop, to deconstructive metal and then trip hop. So, in order for me to use that lost energy, and make something out of it, I started thinking of building projects that would integrate many skills at once. I’m still in the process of finding that perfect piece.

Only now, 24 years after, am I starting to deeply embrace the meaning and the importance of the body in motion. Dancing frees your mind and gives you the freedom to reach out and achieve story telling with your body. For someone like me that tells stories and explains ideas with gestures, the body really becomes a language in itself.

You may look at my artwork, or read my blogs, and you’d think you’d have an idea of what goes on in my head but until we have a deep discussion which is hard because I fall in my thoughts very often, my words will never complete my idea, my body gestures, my actions and my work, all combined, will start to give you an idea of what goes on in my mind, in any artist’s or creator’s mind.

Taking care of Business

In this day and age we strive to accomplish ourselves

Individualists, they say

Afraid of commitment, they say

But what they force themselves to unsee is how we commit to ourselves

And to those who are close to us

How we stick with things that work

Time is calculated and wasted on the things that matter most

Integrity changed its course

Authenticity became organic rather than conservative

In the end, times change but they stay the same

This war on World Identity

This anger against old situations we refuse to understand

Mixed with despise, un remous

Un dégoût face à l’inconnu, face à l’ignorance

Who are they?

Those who are blind to see

How humanity is becoming one

It’s just hard for them to accept



Reflection of a time

Sometimes we let ourselves fall apart to better reunite with what we are to become. Sometimes, we wake up and forget who we are and for a second, we breathe the world in. And I mean really breathe.

Never forget that we are only part of this world because of those whom were there before us. Always remember that not a day goes by without it meaning that tomorrow can be made better.

It’s not a question of weight. It’s not even a question of priviledge or construct. But rather a question of humanity. Because we all die and our dust goes to the same Earth only to be reborn again, together, stronger.

Make every day matter


1 day at a time

We make our own luck

Decisions may seem heavy but they are never wrong

Always appropriate to a situation

Passion keeps you afloat

And a healthy positive mental attitude makes the struggles dissipate

In order to keep it strong, move

1 drawing a day keeps the doctor away

Smiling is contagious and so is charisma








Solo Exhibition Jan. 2017

These mythical creatures bring a story to life while, at the same time they idealize the struggle of empowered women.

Source: About

Next Exhibition:

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A nihilist’s serenity

Under the skin, we are atoms, stories, lust and vulnerability

Flesh, blood and maybe a soul once in a while

What powers the mechanism of our body is strength, belief and curiosity

Beyond that, we are just a body on this Earth


The wind carries sediments and water spoils it to life

The sun burns it and the earth brings in stability

Without one element, we are nothing

And yet, we refuse to accept our role in this World


Now over the skin, we are beautiful creatures with mysterious taste

A wonderful blend of color and size for our own demise

A series of cultures governing our minds

With movement and ambition, come to life