Truth about Urban lifestyles

I’m naked in bed again. Shit… does this girl ever write fully clothed? Good question…

(Tic Toc tic toc. bruk it. Set it…)

This time, it’s 5am though… When you hang around creative people this much you completely illuminate the norm. Everything becomes relative, inspiring and in constant movement. Bedtime routine get messed up. Work hours are crazy. Nobody has time for anything unrelated to work and maybe sometimes getting a bit of relief. It gets exhausting, but we got whine, oh sorry wine for dat! 

Staying up late, checking out new events, encouraging local restaurants and pulling out some awesome steez are expensive and so we focus on our career and make sure our career (our contracts) make us happy because guess what! The time of keeping a 9-5 job for 35 years in the waiting of your pension is long gone! And we’ve accepted it by becoming fully accomplished multi disciplinary individuals. We pay for it in mental stability but hey! The show must go on right? We got whine for dat 😉 and meditation of course…

I am building a YouTube channel so if you ever wondered how I act out my text, follow me!

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Class rage philosophy #184

As I sit in my dirty bean bag with my makeup on and looking fly, amongst the 2 day old leftovers of a great night with friends, I realise that my story is the same as every other Occidental lower middle class girl. We’ve got it made so much that we create problems where there is none. As though the human cannot actually live without having to struggle. We imagine our path to be perfect and reality kicks in and most our parents haven’t had the notion of kicking our asses one too many times to help us handle the obstacles that someone in a war zone doesn’t even have the luxury of dreaming about. We were born with goggles and a fake smile. 

We pave our way thinking it’ll get easier. We drink and smoke and stay out late, we strive to pay rent and repair damaged goods. We obsess over things and ways and lifestyles and we forget to live. We forget to breathe and spend time alone with our beautiful mind that only asks to grow. Now I’m not dismissing broken paths even in the middle class. Drugs and sexual abuse are part of any class. With the level of education and resources that are offered to us on a silver platter, our choice over the red or blue pill tells us which side we’re on at a young age. 

What is it that makes us stronger? Failures, mistakes we learn from. What is it that makes us weak? Inconsistency, indecisiveness and envy. I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because I feel powerless to change it. And on good days, I feel invincible and able to do anything. Such goes our human minds. 

We battle stupidity with educated stupidity. We dismiss warnings and red flags in relationships with the people around us. We get scared and jealous and talk down to people for no good reason. Find your sweet spot and ride it but always make sure you remember where you come from and how you can help to make your community and surroundings better. Smile. Be happy. Share. Connect. Create. Because that is the only thing that takes you out of your individuality and into the world with a feeling of accomplishment. 

Power over thought. Mind over matter. The strenght to controle negativity within us and around us. That is what makes us litterally power through. I am just another white lower middle class female struggling with made world problems. That is my reality. And it does not make me better or less of a warrior. It just means that I was born at a higher level and that I NEED to use it wisely for the respect of those before me as much as for those following. 

Further down the road you hit a wall where success meets abuse and chaos. Further down the road you stop to think what’s my next move. Further down the road, when you’ve made 10 years of adult choices, you hit a wall and realise you ain’t happy. Because in the end all of what life is, is happiness. That’s all it should be about. And being happy doesn’t make us look weak. It makes the world fall through more smoothly and it makes our path grow and blossom. And happy families and communities that stick together make warriors. Happy warriors make good leaders. And with good leaders, you can never go wrong.

Essence of Value

My strength is in human connection

I see who you are and I see the best of you

Until you only bother to show me the worst

People find excuses all the time

I am also guilty!

But do right

Take those connections respectfully

With dignity

Because we are all in this together whether we want to see it or not. Human relations are the most important thing in the world. If not the only. The rest is just material and superficial necessities. The glow in our child’s eye has no price.

Doing right should be our priorities

Doing right by ourselves

Doing right by ours

Doing right by community

These are all the environment you live in, you breathe with words, with feelings, with the desire to connect.


inspired by Maya Angelou





Contemporary Strong Women

What is the definition of being a strong woman? As a mother of two little girls, I cannot stress enough the understanding of women’s worth. With internet being what it is and me being guilty of taking advantage of my own body through modeling, distinctions need to be made for my babies. Knowing the basis of being well, stable and strong inside and out.

Modeling to me is only another way to empower myself by showing my weaknesses and my beauties so that other women, like every other women on this Earth, that wants to change her body feels good about herself. Being happy about your body and mind, working on it is the first step to having a strong soul.

I am writing this blog naked in bed because I need to think deeper, without distractions. And I think about Nina Simone, Angela Rye and Betty White automatically.

A strong woman is a woman that has seen shit gone wrong and has faced dilemma and struggles, made errors and has grown stronger every single time. But ultimately, I see a successful woman as being the peak of being a strong woman. And I see the basis of a strong women being from a lower class background that achieves a successful status as being the true warrior.

A strong woman is a woman who stands in the middle of adversity with sharp survival skills for herself and hers. A strong woman is a woman that is true to herself and does not let herself be pulled back from her dreams and her goals based on judgement and closed doors. A strong woman allows herself to breathe and educate. A strong woman is strong even through her vulnerability because we are all human and made differently with emotional baggage that need not to be erased.

The importance of feeling strong does not negate the equality in genders. Some men will feel challenged by a strong women mind, good! Let him be up for the challenge because it can just as well be a message to men. They are not free from the pressure, the struggle of also being strong and attractive and successful. But I am a woman and I do me and mine first.

Doing more and being independent can easily be exhausting but what is life if you simmer through it all the way right? What would be peace if you didn’t have conflict? As long as we check in on our sisters

Motivation. Celebration.

Even if you are not where you want to be in life. At this moment and at this time, is your dream, are your goals clear enough that you can taste them? 

Do you have butterflies in your stomach just thinking about that one thing you reeeeaaally wanna do? That thing you are doing and you can see the progress, you can feel it become something greater and better then what you expected…

There is a reason why so many people become individualistic. There is a reason why we strive to achieve and we get hungry for more goals, higher power to our own mind body and soul.

In this world, we are surrounded by bigotry, anxt and fear, by excessive use of power, by abuse of land and living creatures. Yet we are still here, adapting, struggling and fighting. We are left sometimes hopeless, helpless.

The blending of cultures gave us easy access to tools in helping us balance our doubts and stabilize our mind’s eye. Buddhism as become widespread and very efficient. Entrepreneurship and having more local self sufficient businesses brings back community living and sharing. It takes us away from the over capitalized. Our acceptance and culturalization makes us stronger as a people. 

We have to celebrate every little step of progress we make. Write it down. A smile is contagious, share it, even with a stanger. Never stop seeing your goals and making them possible and accessible to yourself and to those around you. Create your image as you are your own role model!

I still have a bit of class rage…

We put these beautiful babies on this Earth to have them fight for equality, stable income, stable mental and physical health, for respect and for the simple right to live.

In a split second, we can turn around and loose ourselves and our purpose. Our values may differ, our skin may contrast but our path remains the same. We are all shades of human beings trying to be happy, in achieving goals.

Let me be naive for just a minute and hope that our everyday actions will bring change. And that we will overcome boundaries that have been put by leaders for hundreds of years fuelled by fear and anxt. 

Let me be humble by my geographical stand point that as been blessed and by my origins that have surpassed famine, disease, religious wars and language discrimination and that can now strong side by side other peoples that are still fighting and struggling every day.

Let me be one of the many to be privileged enough to use my resources to give back into a community that flourishes and blossoms onto pure potential…


Getting in touch with a more esoteric side, this series goes on exploring Wicca practices, Astrology, Energy works and Buddhism with fast drawings on over 60 MDF pieces of 2”x7”.


Beyond human, we are beings

Beings with complex equations of random push and pulls

Connecting. Disconnecting.

Connecting. Disconnecting.

In constant readjustments, barely fully satisfied

Craving for accomplishments rather than achieving them at our own pace


From one end of the world, to another, we thrive

We fight for our rights, we judge others for what we fear

We love, we share, we discover, we lust

Comparing our knowledge and moving forward

Balance we seek

Freedom for which we speak.


In the end, we tend to forget to live the moment where it all comes together

The moment we wake up with a smile

The moment we let someone cross the street and they thank us

The moment when everything comes together naturally

The moment we share a special bond with someone


Power, a word that describes a total control

Power, a word that quickly devours its own worth

Power, a state that knows no bounds

Empowered, a stepping stone to growth


Close your eyes. Take a step back. Breathe.

Feel the breeze of the whole world around you

Then tell me if all your anger is worth the trouble







Fear: an emotional State of mind

We only live once

And so, if we look at it this way,

Our every move make a difference in the path we chose

Decisions we make might cause obstacles or avenues, opportunities

But in the end, the actions on these decisions are what matter

If we continuously prevent or block ourselves from doing things that make us happy

Or doing things out of pure impulse of the moment, then what’s the point of being on this Earth?

Fear of disappointment

Fear of letting go

Fear of being alone

Fear of being free

Fear of being elitist

Fear of being powerless

Fear of being undervalued

Fearar of being someone who you are not

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the uncontrollable

Fear of doing less than anticipated

Fear of doing too much


If patience is a virtue, then let it be my guide. Because for all my flaws, restlessness is the true evil that keeps me from flying to my highest dreams.

Yet, it’s what causes my drive to be real

It’s what cause my unease, and what keeps me from seeking balance every moment of the day








DON’T ever be ASHAMED of your past.

You cannot control it

Your past made you who you are today

And your decisions will dictate who you will become tomorrow

Everyday, you construct yourself

You built and rebuild

It’s a masterpiece in becoming

Patience and dedication will bring you peace

Once you hit that balance

You will feel whole

No matter who you are and where you come from

DON’T ever be ASHAMED of your decisions

We will make mistakes and they make us stronger