Beyond human, we are beings

Beings with complex equations of random push and pulls

Connecting. Disconnecting.

Connecting. Disconnecting.

In constant readjustments, barely fully satisfied

Craving for accomplishments rather than achieving them at our own pace


From one end of the world, to another, we thrive

We fight for our rights, we judge others for what we fear

We love, we share, we discover, we lust

Comparing our knowledge and moving forward

Balance we seek

Freedom for which we speak.


In the end, we tend to forget to live the moment where it all comes together

The moment we wake up with a smile

The moment we let someone cross the street and they thank us

The moment when everything comes together naturally

The moment we share a special bond with someone


Power, a word that describes a total control

Power, a word that quickly devours its own worth

Power, a state that knows no bounds

Empowered, a stepping stone to growth


Close your eyes. Take a step back. Breathe.

Feel the breeze of the whole world around you

Then tell me if all your anger is worth the trouble








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