Fear: an emotional State of mind

We only live once

And so, if we look at it this way,

Our every move make a difference in the path we chose

Decisions we make might cause obstacles or avenues, opportunities

But in the end, the actions on these decisions are what matter

If we continuously prevent or block ourselves from doing things that make us happy

Or doing things out of pure impulse of the moment, then what’s the point of being on this Earth?

Fear of disappointment

Fear of letting go

Fear of being alone

Fear of being free

Fear of being elitist

Fear of being powerless

Fear of being undervalued

Fearar of being someone who you are not

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the uncontrollable

Fear of doing less than anticipated

Fear of doing too much


If patience is a virtue, then let it be my guide. Because for all my flaws, restlessness is the true evil that keeps me from flying to my highest dreams.

Yet, it’s what causes my drive to be real

It’s what cause my unease, and what keeps me from seeking balance every moment of the day








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