In motion

I grew up pretty much alone among movements of people, friends, family. There was always a sense of relentlessness waking me up to do something. I never felt home anywhere (and still don’t) which caused me to be in an everlasting motion. Out of focus. Spending most my time in transport from school to home to basketball practice or dance class, music quickly became my comfort zone. I would constantly search for vibes and sounds that made me want to move, that made me want to express myself and find common ground with other people. I went from ballet jazz to hip hop, to deconstructive metal and then trip hop. So, in order for me to use that lost energy, and make something out of it, I started thinking of building projects that would integrate many skills at once. I’m still in the process of finding that perfect piece.

Only now, 24 years after, am I starting to deeply embrace the meaning and the importance of the body in motion. Dancing frees your mind and gives you the freedom to reach out and achieve story telling with your body. For someone like me that tells stories and explains ideas with gestures, the body really becomes a language in itself.

You may look at my artwork, or read my blogs, and you’d think you’d have an idea of what goes on in my head but until we have a deep discussion which is hard because I fall in my thoughts very often, my words will never complete my idea, my body gestures, my actions and my work, all combined, will start to give you an idea of what goes on in my mind, in any artist’s or creator’s mind.


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