How do we define a good image? It is most subjective, but its criteria include: perspective, lighting, movement and choice of color beyond the subject itself. Something that gives you pure emotions. So, how does photography, architecture and interior design relate to painting, drawing and sculpting? They embody the same knowledge of creative thinking as they are all images to an audience’s eye.

When lines come together, you shape negative space. How and where you decide to put your focus will give you subject. The audience’s eye will be pulled to a specific point and guided through an image. Furthermore, the audience/the client itself completes the image.

That said, Art puts your brain in movement while Structure puts your body in movement. When both of these creative thoughts are combined, you get as complex pieces as the moving image and performance. Where boundaries get entangled. A bench under a tree in a Brutalist environment is as inviting as a shiny body dancing on a dark stage to an audience. Combine them and you get a Dadaist film. You break time, you break comfort.

Now, each individual’s train of thought, process of analyzing information given by visual aspects can be divided in different ways. But what is interesting is that the structural pieces will restrain or open thoughts through the individuals’ own body and structures. Meaning that a velvet bench in a Gothic cathedral is out of place for some, but can open up so many ideas for others. So subjectivity can be measured beyond specific criteria as each individual has a different perception of criteria.

All this explains how modern designs are fished far into multiple cultures, and films revisit notions of structural behaviors and social aspects that surpass the structures themselves. This also shows how rooftop paintings in shantytowns can relate to traditional Japanese door panels in that they are both beautiful works of art. They are necessary for a day to day appreciation of life. A good kitchen design can effect your cooking may you be in Africa, Peru, France or Canada. Beauty and good food will always bring joy to our hearts.

That’s how you define a good image by cross-creating and breeding ideas.

Inspired by perspective:

Kai Ziehl

Inspired by light:

Issey Miyake, clothing designer

Inspired by movement and emotions:

Andrew Thomas Huang

Inspired by color:

Favela Houses

Inspired by combined elements of structure:

Utopian Urban Farming


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