Creatives and their State of Mind

You’ll read a bunch of texts about how artists are beautiful and free. It might make you wonder if you could do it too. Once you start creating, your mind either grows or moves along to something new. But, how do you call yourself an artist? What makes someone an artist and does it really grasp the whole meaning behind the creation of art…

When I see a blank page, much like an author, I will build a story, and like a film maker, I will see motion. The story builds and the lines combine to create a work. My subjects, my techniques will put me in predetermined categories: fan artist, fine artist, amateur, sketch artist, etc. Shapes, forms, color, all those are choices that are backed by experience and by interest, even curiosity. Art is such a filled word, that people who don’t entirely sense the necessity, try to differentiate a traditional landscape from a museum installation. Subjectivity has nothing to do with art, even though, in the end, it has everything to do with it; But it cannot state if a work is art… or not!

”Art for Art’s sake”

Nietzsche did not believe that art was more, or less, than what it was. Deleuze and Guattari restructured the perception of the idea of art to give importance to the process before the piece even exists. If it ends up existing at all. In that sense, a product placement manager and an architect both have different skills and techniques, but they both have a vision. Once that vision becomes the start of a process towards creation, they are both artists. Decorating a film set, designing a kitchen, crafts and woodworking are all part of building something from a vision, from a necessity, as much as drawing, painting or sculpting.

The word ”artist” has been attached to very negative connotations. Lazy, poor, air headed, not responsible… So much so that calling yourself an artist is a statement that you need to weigh. I personally do not call myself an artist because it is too vague. I do not think it is useful to quality as an artist, your work, your manure, your output should be enough. In the end, who cares? Life’s too important to struggle with a word that is meant to enlighten you.


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