Punk IS dead…

… but it needs to be revived!

I might be old for some and young for others, but I know that the anti-facism/grunge and punk era is very far away. Georges Orwells’ 1984 is too close to our living to make this overwhelming sense of loss and decay feel right. The years where youth got together to change the system and lead the way against whatever it was that made them/us confused and angry are fragmented and scattered.

It is hard to gather people when they live in a compartmented electronic life. We have less space, less finances and less desire to do more as the little hope for a better future we have left is squeezed out from us.

”Freedom is slavery”

Because what hope do we have of become owners of our land.

”Innocence is strength”

Because the more you know, the less you seem to have.

”War is peace”

Because that is the only thing we are told will bring peace… one day… maybe.


Freedom in our present society : a choice of future endeavor and financial stability and availability to do so.

Slavery: power used over those who are thought to be inferior.

Therefore, the dependency on financial means is the slavery of the masses

Innocence: the naive feeling of joy, often associated with youth and weakness.

Strength: a feeling of pride and power

Therefore, being proud and uneducated would solve the problem of us not achieving our freedom.

War: a stupid hands on battle between powers or religious groups over land and ownership

Peace: a harmonious feeling of bliss where people do not fight over details, even if the conflicts have been unsolved for centuries.

Therefore, fighting for peace is a constitutional right that gives you strength and power over the weak.


Some cultural references:

Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Curt Cobain, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Fugazi, The Sex Pistols, Clerks, SLC Punk, American Hardcore, We owe you nothing, Sould on Ice, Chuck D, Our revolution, Henry Rollins, 1984, Kids, Beautiful Losers, Youth of Today, Minor Threat, Catcher in the rye, Distillers, Beastie Boys, Black Flag, The Exploited, The Warriors (movie), Riot grrrl, Basquiat…

*photo is from a Harmony Korine film: Gummo





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