Higher society: Social inertia

I believe higher societies should shut up, take a step back, watch themselves and what they think they need to solve as problems. Because on one hand, the rich entitled want to save the poor third world (to wash their guilt away), and on the other hand, middle class wants to feel powerful against the big guns by pulling things like female equality, rape culture, slut shaming, affordable housing and racism. It’s become a trend to fight for something and since there’s a menu at hand, people pick and choose. There’s a large variety, so the amount is reduced and the rise does not occur. They become like rebels without a cause instantly. You know about the Printemps Érable with the Quebec Free tuition cause? The amount of people that gathered was larger than anticipated, and a huge change could have been seen, yet people at the head of the movement did not have a definite long term plan, so it crumbled…Don’t get me wrong, I was born with this, I have my own fights and I will make a stance whenever possible. I just really think some fights are superficial maybe even unnecessary in this unbalance world relation.

With the shit cultural progress we’ve made in the past decades, nothing trademarks this part of our era. Our economy sucks, our politics are a mess, the environment is beyond fucked up, nazis are getting revival marches (!?), extremists are bombing major cities, and yet… People are blind to simple solutions, they would rather debate things that don’t even touch them physically like transgender bathrooms. Who gives a fuck, done deal. People feel better with a third bathroom because their surroundings feel scared in their own skin and they want to be left alone. The end.This is would be an example of a simple superficial case because although it does affect a person emotionally, it does not involve famine and unsanitary water, which would be major problems.

I see all my youth references die and I have nothing to actually hold on to but my past; Which is part of growing up, fine. I’ll accept it. But I see nothing to look forward to in terms of being a human on this Earth. Because that’s what it comes down to. I mostly see regression under the thin layer of potential. Social media is overwhelming our brains and dictating our lives. Money is spent on dealing with issues of cyber violence and people contract polio… in 2016. I mean, we’re dealing with regressions while we should focus on vertical farming and sustainable aquaculture to be able to keep our ecosystems healthy.

Fighting for fair trade is just another useless label. Laws have been twisted to create an interim Work Coop that takes all the money and leave none for the farmers, which have no idea what’s going on above them. All this, for people to feel at ease with their wealth. I would buy Montreal-made even if it meant I had to have less because I wouldn’t have the money to pay for more. But factories are gone, jobs are being replaced for cheaper manpower. I grow some balcony food but it doesn’t erase the fact that all my clothing’s made in Pakistan, Indonesia, China or Turkey, even the fancy clothes. The reality is I don’t have 300$ to buy a hand-made t-shirt from greenhouse cotton.

Punk and Rock Idols of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are worn as étiquettes on clothing, by some people that don’t even know who they were and what they stood for. Sometimes, by people who have no idea they are contradicting themselves, worst, who thinks it’s cool to have no opinion at all. Nirvana, Smells like teen spirit, a definition of grunge, a cry for change and a social critic from kids left on idle speed, confused and angry. While it could apply to our momentary youth, their superficial needs are the complete opposite of restless anger. The void, the inertia hidden behind past cultural identities fashion is unfortunately not showing the direct necessity for change, but rather the de facto superficial beatnick trend which is just a phase… Let us hope.

When I see people with EVERYTHING you can have on this earth, and more, waste precious money, valuable time, and resources on overestimated social debates, money that could solve thirst, or get safety work regulations in Countries that need them… It just makes me go insane. I see kids that need to run and be encouraged in what they are good at being drugged and labelled ”troubled” and ”in need of therapy.” I see kids being thrown from one foster home to the other only to find themselves alone at 18 with no proper way of taking care of themselves, GOOD kids being pushed aside for lack of support. Then I see kids with parents that go in debt for them to go to college whine about how no yes = no, and I look at peer pressure, and drugs, and alcohol abuse and I figure, you should know better! Fuck you and go back to your desk. Teachers should not have to take down androgen dolls because others feel oppressed by it. I also think about how a kid would want to sue his parents for being born a redhead, it really makes me wonder what this world is becoming, and how powers are switching as if magnetic fields were going bipolar.

I will get laughed at for being too much to the left with this track of mind. I will be called conservative for my views. I will be pointed at as being ignorant and uneducated over details that I left behind in my argument, for generalizing for the purpose of my opinionated writings, or even just for being white because let’s face it, I am just another blogger. In the end, all I fight for is world equality and it starts with me being untouched by racism, and having both the privilege and courage to have gone through higher education, being vegetarian and an overall tiger when it comes to career, motherly love and raising my kids to become empowered and aware. If only I could enlighten interactive curiosity rather than blunt defensive modes.

Though, I am ironically left with a certain peace of mind right now, it reminds me how much free speech is important. I do however realize that it’s taken too lightly in this decade. Social media is like speculations on grain, made out of greed but the focus is on basic necessities: ego as food.


*featured image is not one of mine. See AFROPUNK for beautiful portraits and enlightening writings!


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