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My man was updating the number of words he had written and it made me realize that I had never taken the time to count the number of works I had done…

If I count the number of years I’ve been an artist as a large term, I also count the years I was a dancer, the shows, my studies in photography and fine arts before even counting my career. Since they all make me who I am today, I decided to count the number of images I have created.

80 dance and theater shows

42 punk shows

565 photos

600 school works

2 dance videos

8 experimental videos, including flash projects from school

28 choreographies

162 jewelries

65 props, costumes pieces and counting

35 discarded works

45 canvases

20 new illustrations

670 new drawings for upcoming graphic novel

5 ark books

150 sketches

25 sets and set dressing

6 exhibitions


Total: 4201

And those are mine, not the ones I helped in creating. The problem here is that I don’t know if this qualifies as hard work because it means half a drawing/day for 23 years. One thing I know for sure, it’s not enough to even get close to where I want to be in life.


Don’t stop and push yourself harder! It isn’t about if people enjoy your work or not, if they buy it or not. It’s about reaching the peak of every single part of your skills . When people tell you: ”You’ve got so much unfinished work, what do you do all day ?” or ”You are a dreamer, you’ll go nowhere if you don’t settle,” let them talk while you create your own path!

You’ve got a life time to achieve your goals! Should I have counted my girls in these images…





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