The shape of the world to come

I’ve been known in the past to have an opinion, wide or not, on any political and religious subject. The problem I have now is that having opinions give direct paybacks, which I did not care about when I was a teenager. Today, though, I am proud to say I wear the shape, the colors of the world, our world, not only one country. Not that Paris is not important enough, but that the rest of the world’s wars are as important as Paris’s latest attack. There are many things I do not dare talk about in public. There are many words I want to shout, but when we sit down and truly look at the history, the facts, the actions, demographics, movement of immigration, geography, it becomes overwhelming. This, forces me to keep in mind how important it is to not forget that this war on religion, this ridiculous amount of attacks towards pillars of society are desperate calls hidden behind the face of religious sacrilege. These are acts of an old world going through a mid life crisis, a rage for a piece of land, power over the weak. I am a spectator until it hits next to me, then the bomb goes off. So is everyone’s.

Many decisions with the movement of refugees have been done fast maybe even impulsively. But what comes to mind is why even leave your country in the first place? Why not fight and stand your ground? That alone is a concept I do not fathom. But because without power, you have only the weakness of the years behind you, the number of murders have gone too high to bare. The media has always been known to show only a portion of the story to catch a number of viewers hungry to scandals. I refuse to believe that refugees will complain about being helped out of their country. Because if they would, then, they should go back and fight for their own lives, their own luxury and piece of land. Now, with the recent attacks, what has been created is yet another fear of culture, values and terrorism.

In terms of movement, going from Syria to Sweden is both a blessing and a torture fore it is one of the greatest country in the world but is 40 degrees colder, which is not a simple bearing. Egypt had proposed to open an island for the refugees to be self-sufficient, that seemed like a great plan B but was over looked. The media focused on dead kids washing off shore to make the rest of the world weep, another great propaganda style we’ve never seen before… With huge amounts of population moved around, there was bound to be infiltrators, especially without screening process. Who doesn’t know that? But, there was no time. No measures were taken off the bat. It seems that part of the world will never stop struggling from poverty, famine, wars that are thousands of years old between what started as two families, two cultures with different ideals. Ireland and Great Britain put at end to it. India put an end to it. Quebec rid itself of a religious State. Why not that part of the world? It seems childish to not sacrifice and compromise.

In the end, it comes down to religion and the state and how it effects the people below, own children are brought up. It is very sad, but I do not weep today. I bare the blood of many, but I look at Burma and their new leader and my heart smiles. I strive to find ways in my everyday to ensure that my path is a righteous one, that my actions determine my love for this world and its cultures. I do not fight for territory unless it is stolen from me by pure malice, yet I have the privilege to live on the stolen ground of my ancestors.


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