Quebec’s tendency to slack off on ambition

I have to say, I’m getting exhausted of that tendency most Quebecors have to turn jumping too quick to the worst conclusions. It’s heavy, it’s sad and it HAS to stop. I mean, you talk about introducing kids to new things and people jump to the conclusions thinking you are an unfit parent for not just letting your kid play for 15 years and then wonder why they don’t push themselves and loose their jobs every 3 months.

If someone actually achieves something, like at least half the Montreal population, and I mean achievement as in getting 3 jobs to be able to work in a department you love or in your dream job/what you studied in (but still need to boost up your rent money on the side!), they get judge by those who have never tried to get out of the safety box.

People are going to complain that you are selfish or even elitist for wanting more, or better. You decided to control yourself and go to the gym, make sure you eat better, well those people will look for the moment you will take a bite of evil cake just to put it in your face.

If you want to buy yourself equipment or higher quality than Future Shop’s mid level camera, you are a stupid young adult that wastes his or her money on things that might not interest you for the rest of your life. But seriously, if you want to do better products, you need better equipment, it’s like playing guitar with a guitar hero controller, and moving on to your first electric Squier.

People will look down on others for the simple fact that they are jealous or envious of a generation of ambitious people. And, again it has to stop. Not because it makes ambitious people stop from achieving our dreams, but because they have no more time to prove themselves to you, they never should have in the first place.

You will get a higher education: What are you going to do after?

You will work hard and not take drugs: What do you do for fun?

You will have kids at a young age: Are you sure it is the right thing to do, what about travels?

I want to hear your stories!

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