Constant quest to perfection

Sometimes you have to sit down and think about what you have accomplished in order to come clean with yourself. It is important to remember and not ask too much of yourself to get overcome with restlessness. Be amitious and pro-active as much as your present permits!

preparing the garden in april!
preparing the garden in april!

I danced for 20 years

I did over 100 shows dancing

I did theatre as an actor

I did theatre as a stage manager many times

I did theatre as a curator, producer and sets and props advisor

I gave time and energy away for free projects

I did performance art

I graduated from Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree

I had two kids before I turned 30

I go to the gym and keep healthy

I garden on my balcony

I learned how to cook early

I have been vegetarian since I was 12 years old

I sang in a couple of bands

I did over 50 music concerts

I gave food to homeless even if my job was at risk

I worked in cinema

I went to school and worked even when I was hungry and out of food

I overcame my emotions without pills

I became more productive with my time

I had 2 art studios in my life

I have built, demolished and renovated on my own

I have conceptualized and built sets and props

I have worked on prop guns with amazing creators and mentors

I paint very well as an artist and house painter

I have come to draw very well and love what I do

I apply myself and have come to be quite perfectionnist

I work well in what I love

I understand people and respect them as much as they respect me

I have written a kid’s book

I have learned to be less negative or agressive and more careful about how I talk about myself

I have stopped getting drunk and doing drugs at an early age

I have had exhibitions in and out of my hometown

I have sold artworks and creations

I know how to make and build MANY things

I have inspired young woman and kids

I have given art and dance classes

I have travelled to 5 different countries

I learned 3 languages and some phrases from others

I struggle to be a better mother and person every second of the day


2 Replies to “Constant quest to perfection”

  1. T’es hot la mère. C’est bon te lire…

    Quand la quête d’une perfection de soi n’atteint jamais son objectif; faut se questionner. Je comprends bien en lisant tes differents posts, que tu as fait du chemin et que des prises de conscience font partis de tes quotiens. Ce matin on jasait au coin de la rue. Et ce pm tu me jases au travers du virtuel.

    La joie des chemins qui se croisent.

    Je m’en doutais. Maintenant je l’affirme. Tu es une artiste. Dans tous ses angles de définition.

    Bonne journée 🌻


    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH! Merciii! Je dois t’avouer que j’atteinds et je vois la perfection par moment. Mon problème c’est que oui, il ne reste pas assez longtemps, il bouge trop vite! C’est bon à lire 🙂

      Au plaisir Marie Eve Gauthier!


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