I have lost myself quite a few times in my teenage years, even now, being a mother and having a demanding career, add a bit of sleep deprivation and a baby’s high pitch voice… I seem to get lost in a sea of… of life! But it’s okay. We are born and raised to melt into our environment. No matter how liberal our parents may be, we are the only ones to exist in our own body and mind. We grow and learn to differenciate and seperate from our loved ones and connect with ourselves. If we should have all things in moderation, then it goes without saying that introspection is not excluded. Taking a step back and out of ourselves helps our soul and spirit get back in place. So, every few months, I grab a special book I was introduced to 8 years ago, one of a vietnamese buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. I read bits and pieces and get on with my day, letting go of my worries every hour at a time.

No one can control the world no matter how powerful they are. Yet anyone can be enlightened in a matter of a split second. It can be just a simple smile, or a sentence. It is once you let go of those negative thoughts and painful vibes that you can experience life.

Short and Sweet



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