Is Buddhism a Religion?

Source this photo if you know the photographer! Thank you
Source this photo if you know the photographer! Thank you

We commonly here Buddhism as a form of religion to the same level as Christianity. Though I must admit, Buddhism is quite different than other religions, if it is at all a religion. Buddhism has sets of beliefs, traditions and practitioners that may group together, monks and apprentices as well as civilians. Some Buddhist communities have alters or temples, statues and social events. It also deals with the idea of the universe and have different variations of beliefs: Zen, Vajrayana, Nichiren, amongst many. All in all a great resemblance. But one thing makes this spirituality so different: the belief in a greater being. Which seems to be the one thing religions superficially go to war for!

In its deepest root, Buddhism is about and has somewhat stayed that way since its birth, if we take away the occidental appropriations in home design and lifestyle trends. Buddhists are more concerned about inner peace and interactions with earth and the people on it and do NOT believe in making a supreme being or many happy. And they are especially not interested in Power. Where religions have been noted to associate with States in order to manipulate peoples around the Globe. They rather believe in achieving a balance in life with a set of actions and goals to achieve if I can explain it in such a rudimentary fashion. Much like Native American beliefs and traditions like animal spirits and how they respect the Earth as a part of their own body. Religions do talk about coming together and taking care of each other, not doing to others what we wouldn’t like to be done to us. Buddhism focuses on, again, inner peace. Praying may be equal to meditation as you are talking to yourself. And that is where my subjectivity comes in. This conversation may enlighten you to find your own path to inner balance.

Some religious communities have help centers and give away time, food and shelter, and offer compassion to those in need. Buddhists have found ways to overcome selfishness without that creepy unbalanced and popular christian vibe I can’t seem to describe.It is about taking a path to peacefulness, to the lack of bad feelings rather than focusing on doing the right thing, it is simply done as a natural act.

But then again, I am generalizing and putting words onto intangible and ideal concepts that compensate for a lack of understanding or fear of being useless and alone in the universe.


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