Vegan with a Vengeance! How to have a Healthier Lifestyle

There is a growing trend on living healthier lifestyles, if only because it makes people feel better. Diets seem to never die out, even though they are not enough or often so strict that they become irritant rather than anything else. From Hardline Vegan* to loose vegetarians, gluten free, protein totalitarianism; Everyone finds what they think suits them and either grow into them or change constantly. It is proven that the best way is to listen to your body, your mind and your spirit. You start small or average and grow into your choices of healthy foods, and overtime add more variables or less if you fatigue easily. Not everything in here WILL be vegan BUT, there is always an easy way to change that 😉

The important thing to remember is that food isn’t the only variable in living a healthier lifestyle. Stress, fatigue and aches comes from the physical aspects of your body as well. Therefore, eating less at lunch, not eating enough snacks or the right dosage of everything you need to feel pumped all day added to a poor training and exercise routine is really not the way to go. Then again, training without proper food is not better.

Obliviously awesome Kiwi tarts

The perfect balance is to combine easy routines in cooking and baking, along with simple start ups on training that you eventually and naturally grow into. For preoccupied moms, and vegetarian friendly families, I have done many researches to be able to have daily routines that are easy to follow!

1-   Switching for better versions of your favorite foods:

Find foods you enjoy eating and look at the list of nutriments, compare with other brands or styles. Sometimes buying ecological, bio and fair trade is not enough… Example: Bread is basically fat, salt and sugar, three things you don’t necessarily need… So if you can look for or bake bread that has whole grains, fiber and protein, then you should simply make the switch! Do that for everything you’ve got: milk, cheese, snacks for the kids, juices, etc. Overtime, you’ll realize how easy it becomes.

2-   Discover new foods!

Go to small supermarkets, discover foods you’ve never tasted before, always looking at the nutriments of course. Find recipes and try them out. Sometimes using spices and techniques in cooking veggies can make a huge difference. Example for people willing to go vegetarian: Traditional deli sandwich is really delicious with Blue Menu Meatless Chicken Breasts grilled or sauteed with traditional veggies, add ”bacon” bits and you can even add different tofu slices! When you have a couple of recipes you love, then you’ve added that much more joy to cooking which helps a whole lot in being healthier.

3-   Find time to relax/meditate

It is common to practice yoga now in Canada at least. But not everyone knows about what surrounds yoga and its history. I will not give you a full background but I will tell you that spirituality to a certain extent is the basis of a balanced spirit and body dialect. Yoga helps your body circulate blood and breath properly as does dance and sports for athletes and people that practice sports for many years. You develop your strengths and weaknesses through breathing routines, stretching and strength trainings.

father and daughter nap

4-   Looking for recipes!!

AT LAST! There is nothing better than feeling good about cooking. Every diet fails at that point. If you don’t like what you eat or if the way you cook it is completely wrong, then what’s the point? The best part of it all is to actually try out the food with new, renewed and old recipes! I mean you can get excited to make a fake turkey for a couple of hours or a deliciously proteinated banana bread for 30 minutes. It is YOUR choice. Depending on how much to like to cook or bake, you should try moderately at first and get the groove. I’ll give you recipes in a bit!

5- Conclusion:

Get up and do some cardio and strength training. Discover new foods, new groceries and better quality nutriments. Take the joy back in cooking with new food and feel better!


BBQ waffles

For those who think being vegan or vegetarian costs more, please double check the prices! What costs more is being better food, but you can have cheap meals that are just as good. Burritos and Lasagnas cost basically nothing to make. And Tofu is NOT more expensive than meat, it is less fat and less damaging overtime to the environment. But I am not here to share my values too much, you can allow yourself to find your own fights when changing your lifestyle!


Banana Bread

5 ripe bananas (great way to avoid waste)

1 cup sugar (or 3/4)

1 tbs vanilla

1/2 ts baking powder

1 cup 3/4 flour

1/4 cup chia seed

1-2 tbs cinnamon powder

1/4 cup soy milk

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 pecans


Mix wet together, smashing bananas to desired texture, adding the sugar

Mix dries together

Mix all together but don’t over mix


Ready for pan

Heat at 350 F for around 45 minutes



2 cans of red beans

1 can of black beans

2 medium carrots cut in small dices or slices

1 big onion cut in small dices

Chili mix (coriander is really important)

1 can of tomato, crushed

1 red pepper


Grill veggies in oil, add the chili mixed spices, grill a bit.

Add tomatoes and beans, lower heat and let mixture simmer for 30 minutes


You can put it on grilled bread, tortillas, nachos, blend it, use it as salsa!

Curry of cauliflower and potatoes












Yet Ca Mein Noodle shop

6 onces of pasta (yet ca mein)






1 medium green onion

2 medium tomatoes diced

deep fried tofu


Cook pasta. Grill oil, spices, sugar, tomatoes and onions together. Add tofu.

Put on pasta or even in veggie spiced water for a soup!

Snack Time! Raspberry and chocolate protein bars
Snack Time! Raspberry and chocolate protein bars


2 cups flour

3 eggs (or bananas)

shredded coconut to taste

3 tbs chia seed if desired

5 tbs of margarine

1 cup soy milk


Mix together. Heat pan and cook with forms for family members or in plane cakes.

Roll with fruit and maple syrup. I personally like apple or asparagus and melted cheddar cheese.

Valentine’s day Special: stuffed artichokes and grilled Brussels sprouts, red pepper rolls, Vietnamese skewers, tempura veggies and apple cider!

Cauliflower and Sweet Potato tempura!

1 small cauliflower cut in florets

1 small Sweet Potato

85g flour

1tbs cornflour

125 ml sparkling water

1/2 tbs of any spices you would like!!


Boil veggies

Dip in batter



I really love those dipped in Red Hot Wing sauce (check for vegan version!)

Or you can mix parsley, lemon and garlic together in oil!


BBQ TIME! Greek Skewers

Blue Menu’s Meatless Chicken Breast (They are starting to disappear from markets :(…)

unfreeze for 1 min each breast

Marinade them in Chef Salad dressing with veggies ( onions, pineapple and red peppers)

Serve on mix rice

preparing the garden in april!
preparing the garden in April!

Matante Irene’s Spaghetti Sauce

Polish vegan sausages cut

”Bacon” bits

ground ”beef”

All grilled together

Put in simmering marinara sauce

Add 2 laurier leaves and let simmer 30 minutes or until all is hot


Put on pasta with a bit of parmigiano!! Try not to die before finishing the plate…


For other recipes, make sure to follow me or go on my facebook!!

Cupcake fever

That’ll be all for now!

Give me feedback on the recipes 🙂



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