Racism, Media and Blocking people on Social Media

SO, the idea of blogs is to openly critique and share opinions without much editing. A learning process for everyone. It is easy to do, doesn’t cost much more than time, but it is also a very powerful tool that can be taken lightly. With this coming of age in social media, we’ve encountered much privacy limits breached, suicidal calls for help, along with more positive stuff like artists and music, but sincerely what people like most is easy to read, view and share material.

Lately, I have been overly spammed by crappy articles and fake news, which takes away the importance of social media. People blab about this and that, what they had for breakfast and how their horrible day went. It is mostly useless and, yes, sometimes I do it too, it’s annoying! Although it is easy-ish to achieve a blogger status and get read by hundreds, it comes with a price. We are mixing our own introverted necessity for interactions and approval with our subconscious thoughts and sometimes when those thoughts are clueless or unbalanced, it creates blogs that either make no sense, are disturbing or simply fucking insulthing to human intelligence. You write for the people around you, therefore, you don’t HAVE to edit yourself. I’m trying to be obkective here, and this may seem like a rant but you know what? Would it really be that bad if it was?

My friend, Elena Stoodley writes music critiques, she is honest and well spoken. I enjoy reading her because she also adds that bit of black empowered history to her writing, that Maya Angelou vibe. We have seen a French Vice rip off blog do pretty bad social reports in the past but this specific one caught the attention of many. I didn’t want to get involved at first, because I have better things to do than troll on facebook about other people’s mistakes… but Elena wrote a good critique about it and both Urbania and Scribd removed it. That tells a lot about the power of freedom of speech.

This blog was about a white chick sharing her opinion on how she likes to sleep with black guys. The innocence behind the writing was purely screaming suburban white chick looking for exotic new thrills. I can see how the article was completely mind blowing. We see A LOT of mixed couples these days, I think it’s beautiful for the simple fact that there is hope for discrimination to be dismantled. Does that make you entitled to render this situation as a positive discrimination? These kinds of ”honest” blogs open up to deep grounded racist stereotypes that the world hasn’t yet gotten rid of. I’m not going into detail about the article. What I am going to say is this:

There is a major problem about blogs and about blocking anyone who isn’t on the same page as you ESPECIALLY if you are a mid-range website/blog or whatever you call yourself. Now let’s see if this post gets removed and how long it takes!


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