Music and Creative Vibes

Let’s just admit it, sometimes music is all you need! I can only think about the years before 2001 where the youth was starting to unite with music…

You constantly find or look for music that inspires you to be who you are inside and out. Now, sometimes you switch from style to style. For drawing, painting, graphic design, accounting, writing, they all have different vibes required: Smooth, Up beat, ambiance, violent… Some music will do miracles for opening up certain circuits in your brain, and ultimately might make you horny BECAUSE it is so emotionally tense and filled with great feelings that it just comes naturally.

To me trip-hop and drum n bass do the trick. These days though, I have an obsession for Die Antwoord. They are like an impossible mix between Beastie Boys, Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails, a perfect mix between great beats and creepy vibes. I am just in awe. The beats remind us of the good old 90’s in its depth it reached. That mixed with historical and social background from South-Africa and an aggressive approach to counter culture. The whole story created behind this band is absolutely a love OR hate. The videoclips have aesthetics that are naturally creepy and out of the ordinary, nothing is forced or rather everything is just thrown and beautifully rendered. You can see and feel the ingenuity unlike a lot of new music coming out. Die Antwoord fully caught my attention.

Favorite songs from Ten$ion: U Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck
Fok Julle Naaiers

Good thing they are one after the other on the album!

Die Antwoord: Cookie Thumper, Fatty Boom Boom, Evil Boy
Nine Inch Nails: Mr Self Destruct, The Fragile, With Teeth
The Crystal Method: High Roller, Keep Hope Alive,
Moby: Porcelain
Dead Prez: W-4, Walk like a warrior, 50 in the clip, Afrika Hot!
Sneaker Pimps: Spin spin sugar
Mory Kanté: Yeke Yeke
Fugees: No woman no cry
The Gaslight Anthem: the 59′ sound
Grave Diggaz: Zig Zag Chamber, 1-800-Suicide
GZA: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
H2O: Self Reliable, One Life One Chance, Role Model, What Happened
Incubus: Aqueous Transmission, Make Yourself album is hard to beat
India Arie: Video, Brown Skin, Beautiful
M-1: 5 elements
Massive Attack: Angel, Teardrop, Dissolved girl
Millencollin: Story of my Life, Twenty Two, No Cigar
Missy Elliott: Work it, Gossip Folks, I’m really hot
Moist: Deliver me, Gasoline
MXPX: Chick Magnet, I’m OK you’re OK, My life Story
Nirvana: Rape me, Milk it, Lithium, All apologies (but sincerely, all in loop!)
No Doubt: Just a girl, Sunday Morning, Oi to the World
The Offspring: the kids aren’t alright, all I want
Pennywise: All or nothing, song of sorrow
Pixies: Caribou, Gigantic, Where is my mind?
Portishead: Silence, Deep Water, Machine gun
Rancid: Ruby Soho
Silverchair (yes…): Anthem for the year 2000 (there was something about that time that got us punks united against politics and social structures)
Smashing Pumpkins: To Sheila, Zero, Sweet sweet
Social Distortion: Angel’s wings
Stic Man: Do it big
311: Come Original
Stone Temple Pilots: Art school girl… ( I know! )
Sublime: Santeria, Caress me down
Suicidal Tendencies: I Ain’t Like You, Hippie Killer
Tan Dun: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, In the old temple
Tom Waits: almost anything!
Violent Femmes: Black Girls, Add it up, Blister in the Sun, Gimme the Car
Wu-Tang: Reunited, M.G.M

The List goes on

There is so much more, but if you are an artist and don’t know a band, check it out!






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