Worlwide Indie Designers!!

I really enjoy the last couple of years where I am finding more and more indie clothing designers! Especially local ones reppin’ beautiful Montreal City! Though I have to admit I enjoy local no matter which city it’s from. I think it comes with age and generation where you realize you have nothing original to wear or can’t afford a 200$ dress from whichever brand you dream about. So the coming or entrepreneurial shops is something that catches up to boring generic pastel tanks and short shorts! Well, at least in my opinion…

We also look for quality, so no! it’s not always as affordable as your 10$ cheap fest, but it’s nice to wear local, especially when its made locally. But we can’t fight for everything at the same time.

Here are 3 shops you should know about:

Montreal: Success Clothing (Hip Hop inspired comfort zones!)

Success Clothing

Minicucci x Marciano (mother and daugther owned!!)


Taiwan: Pet Shops Girl (for more extravagant wears!)

Pet Shops Girl

Also, Etsy is great worldwide pool of indie seamstress-designers!



If you can’t find it in a store, make it!


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