Ireland kept me up last night

Out of all the things I could’ve been thinking of in the middle of the night, it was Ireland that got the hit. Like most Canadians of Irish decent (or most Canadians.) I have dreamt of going to the motherland. And I have, though I will not describe how short and unsatisfying my trip was, I will state that from time to time, it warms my heart and keeps me thinking about it’s greens. It reminded me of the struggles and the differences between american irish and, well Irish irish, how portraits of one culture can change overtime and depending on its location. The hungry Irish were exiled to Grosse Iles and were left there to die from typhus making that archipelago island the largest burial ground outside Ireland. Five thousand Irish immigrants are buried on Grosse Iles. Makes you think about the risks, about the Mexican border, the embargo in Cuba, the japanese invasions in China, human trafficking and how the underground railroads are set up to give people the chance, at great risks, but a chance nonetheless to have a better life. A new beginning

Now I was born in CANADA! How the hell does it get better? I was lucky but it is also important for me to remember that I am here because of my ancestors, and especially those that were saved by the natives! Let’s not forget that the reason why the first French immigration to Nouvelle-France ever survived this fucking weather is because of the natives that had lived there long enough to know how to live. The idea of the league of nations came from the Iroquois, the European were looking for Asia and India, not the other way around. The Irish went through colonisations and religious conversions like many other countries, famine and civil struggles, they were the first wet backs of America, and have gone through many centuries over poverty. Éire is the goddess of Ireland and transforms with her land, changing her portrait and name to its modern setting and language. The deep love for the land, the way they tell tales, the myths and pride makes the whole Island shine. I see Ireland the way Japanese see their traditions, the way they enjoy cherry blossoms and kimonos in profound respect.

This is but a small instant in time and every single step you take makes a difference.

When Irish Eyes are smiling

Murphy’s Law

Nothing is as easy as it looks.
Everything takes longer than you expect.
And if anything can go wrong,
It will, at the worst possible moment.

Happy New Years everyone

and may you cherrish those around you to the amount you’d want back and more!


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