To my colleagues!

This year has been by far the most wonderful year. For the first time in my life, I can say that I am an accomplished artist. I am grateful for every opportunity I got, all the contracts I put my hands on. I have met only great people along the way. Many projects are lining up and I am steadily making my way higher up. To everyone that sincerely helped out along the way and gave me room to practice my skills and a chance to grow, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In case you don’t know who you are: Kevin Grant, Jeremy Hechtman, Amy Blackmore, Julie Guimond, Myriam Bergeron-Fournier, Ginette Paré, Elise de Blois, Maria Teresa Calderone, Andrew Campbell, Manon Doré, David Gaucher, Dominique Gaucher, my best clients: Sterling, Neda, Mikko, Jennifer Pelletier, Moug, Cruella and last but not least Ian Truman and my lovely daughter Kaori Lee for their patience and constant support. You guys made my year and I can’t wait to give some of that good stuff back 🙂

Have a great whatever you celebrate!



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