Five weeks until ComicCon!!!!

I have been working on set for 2 pretty big productions and a well running workshop since I learned I would have a table at ComicCon. It’s a hell of a year for me: steady and growing, just enough luck and good hard work so I don’t question my work ethic every single day wondering what I’m doing wrong. Nope! I know I’m doing many things right. Which means it’s been vague, a certain sense of dreamy… something or other, until now! BAM! I WILL HAVE A TABLE AT COMICCON! No need to tell you I have to keep my internet action pretty short to make this table as interesting as my creative drive can permit me. And beyond.

My big issue at first was that as much as I am geek, I am not a fan geek which puts me in a sort of no man’s land at ComicCon. Hanging around friends that know the dialogues of Star Wars OR Star Trek and build the same costumes and props as the shows makes me uncomfortable, perhaps a bit of a misfit. Then I think about the Tank Girl series, Neil Gaiman, Tekkonkinkreet and Brian Wood,four of my general inspirations in terms of book format storytelling and mix them with my love for sci-fi, horror, post-apocalyptic sets and props, add a little bit of german and japanese aesthetics and you get this big ball of fucking excitable fury ready to burst. Hey! That’s me! So, I figured it would be enough for a first timer! WHAT? Yes, I’ve said it! It will be my first time at ComicCon AND on the last day, it will be my daughter’s birthday! She will have her superhero princess 4th birthday at ComicCon, how cool is that right?

So I decided that putting a bit a pressure wouldn’t hurt. My artworks are close to what I know they can be but not there yet because I work hard in different departments in order to pay the usual monthly dues and to get experience, sincerly. Yeah, I know easy to say but still, I don’t always get the chance to work on a big project of my own so you’ll find jewelry, canvases, illustrations, book samples, props, some custom works and a whole lot of love at my table. It’s clear that having these next 5 weeks to prep will be filled with joy, excitement, hysterical laughter and maybe some confused stares from time to time (Honey, are you alright? Onvavne^r-47851-98 cin ibytr. Here I bought you mochi… d-47thUVBPYgvprtyt!!!) but it’ll be great to be part of this convention none the less. I am hoping to share interests and techniques, discover and grow from the experience!


Until then

Oh! And come buy my works!




Five weeks to go and many things to come!


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