The future is now

Most of us in Americas come from working class families. Our parents have no idea about how the school system works but wish and still believe that school is the only way to outgrow this stagnancy in economy. And they are not entirely wrong. What’s wrong is the job market and the spring board to it. Our parents didn’t always have the chance to go to school, because of time, family or because they lack the actual school to go to. But still, educating yourself and the people around you should NEVER be a form of evil propaganda. Sure different countries have miles to go to reach a perfect balance between religious conservatives and free spirited nihilists, but the fact of questionning and learning is something that keeps the mind, the body and the soul (for those who believe in it) on track and healthy.

We often talk about the Y generation being the entrepreneurial generation and romanticize the bundle by putting them on a pedestal, while behind the pedestal hides a shit load of paperwork, unpaid taxes and cans of food (if you get the image). Yes we had the will and the innocence of taking the risk to do what our parents might not have been able or have the guts to do: opening up businesses and living dreams. But the truth is, we didn’t really feel like we had a choice. We have multiple unstable jobs that don’t always treat us as educated human beings and have no foreseeable stable future, some will work until anti-depressants take the better part of them, others until their back or knees can’t handle another surgery, and what then?

We only live on wishes, dreams and little money we can put aside. Some are lucky enough to have made a good move, sometimes ”selling out” to big corporations and have the money to buy a house, a land that’s theirs. Others prefer being hungry and strive the ultimate freedom of expression. We make ourselves a niche where we build and help even through our struggles as long as we can still say that we are making it and our children will have it better than us! 

We have to look at it as day to day obstacles that will eventually lead to a greater path. Very buddhist, yet applied to a modern middle-ish wing society. One step at a time throughout the world, young adults naturally start looking for answers and ways to push environmental issues to their death by conceptualizing eco-friendly technologies to clean up the oceans for example. Of course not every kid will have the job done, but if every kid has the right amount of support, structure and curiosity they’ll blow our minds away with novel ideas.

By using all the resources and advancement you have, and by investing into good material, local businesses and by building in and around communities, you get both the satisfaction of creating something good and the positive feedback that gets you going. Whenever you start over thinking concepts and deconstructing metaphysics on your own and never come back down earth, it’s like loosing a spirit. And we need everybody in on it to make it happen!

Pick something or some things you are good at and don’t stop pushing yourself further!


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