Right now, this is where I stand!


Artist Statement

I am mainly a set and prop builder in cinema, theatre and television. I have been ”trained” in fine and visual arts and have practiced for close to a decade in multiple disciplines. My goal is to direct and I am building experience in order for me to have a full enough knowledge of the trades and departments that make the direction possible. I am very manual and naturally drawn to the building of concepts. I have grown into convincing my own self that I can build these concepts with all the experiences I am gathering.

I started dancing when I was 6, with sometimes 8 shows a year. The troop grew close to the point of being professional, but I was at a point where I was going to College and needed to do more than perform choreographies. It lead me to stop and look for something else. It took me many years to back to stage performance and productions, but during that time I was collecting enough creative visual aesthetics and researches to have me a more unique background to being a technician.

So now I am a mother and work between industries, gathering experience and learning to communicate from one team to another, what ways of working are better, the material quality, the best prop shops, rental spaces, the unions, the career development and all that jazz. I see my visual arts as being my ”keeping it sane” from working 15hours a day to having less contracts in the winter. It’s my little safe haven that keeps me together and reminds me who am I and where I come from!

My works are not provocative anymore, I have learned to deal with my anger in more efficient ways. They are my safe haven now. You probably see similar works, similar styles from other artists: tattooing, graphic novels, even japanese inspired art. I have stopped trying to be different and decided that if I was to truly portray my visions, I had to start communicating my own path because many artists have the same backgrounds, the same development patterns. And if we try too hard, it will just show. For example, my decision to stop using color everywhere and focus on my lining took a load off.

Some of my work is clearly trying to do something that’s not profoundly my vision, my lines to be unique. But I was experimenting just like artists that do only reproductions, that’s just part of the learning process and over time, you learn to work with movements and material that make your works stand out in different directions. I often felt that I had failed because I wasn’t a great artist at 15. But I was a good dancer, I was a good creator of concepts and know many techniques in different disciplines which doesn’t make me a virtuoso, but it makes me practical to have on a team has much as it makes bigger projects ambitious and full of potentials.

Being in and out of the art market because of my paying occupations has me prioritizing my steps into these magnificent neverending check lists. I simply just want to exhibit. I need to be seen more, to have more feedback, more clientele perhaps… who knows! I don’t have much time to spend looking for the perfect exhibitions year wide, so I try and take everything I can when I can. I know it may sound bad, but it truly isn’t. Who, in this day and age, has the luxury of choosing? Only those who make a name for themselves and we just have to start somewhere.



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