Fresh Paint Gallery

Being one of those montrealers that grew up with L’X makes me emotionally attached to the space on so many levels. Fresh Paint Gallery is a space where many different wonderful opportunities can happen from graffiti to performance. And each of these events become more than art works, more than freedom of expression, more than a vernissage or a recollection, but rather a continuation of the cultural community of that Montreal Underground many of us have worked so hard to keep alive the past 3 decades. It has 2 huge stories that are artworks in themselves with the deteriorating walls and ceilings. But that’s the beauty of it, the layers of structures, with the appropriate art works. This gallery is an emblem, the one that isn’t meant to be bought or sold, the one part of the lifestyle and taking a stance for itself. Linked to Under Pressure, this gallery is a must see, multiple times over.


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