Devil make due

I have recently decided to embrace my youth and to stop being reserved amongst the job. Although it hasn’t given me much respect so far, I have made strong points that need to be said. As I am one that likes things to be done properly, whenever I step back from a project, I see all that is wrong with it and do not always have the energy to fix them. Especially when it’s not my project per say. That said, it is often hard to do the job correctly in teams. Finding the right fit when building a team is simply hard work in itself which is all fine, unless the job gets bigger than expected. I don’t want to go on the rant here so lets just stick to the PMA of the day!

1- Fear is healthy, it puts things in perspective and you should quickly prioritize in order to control the panic that comes next.

2- When putting all things in perspective makes you realize you are losing more than you are gaining, it is alright to step away, but not distastefully.

3- Realize your own potential and put it out there no questions asked. I always tell kids they are worth thousands of great things, but I tend to not believe in my own potentials, so take care of your own skills once in a while



The accumulation of all this epiphany made me who I was at 15: an innocently positive young woman with imagination and hopes that kill a thousand miles away. Striving to make things out of nothing around people who had to money to buy me and all my things and didn’t understand my ways. I backed away from many projects because of fear but I have to look at all the great things I’ve achieved considering the situations.

My goal is to get back to that girl and tell her never to stop no matter what obstacles are in the way. Can’t paint in the room? Get a studio. Can’t buy paint? Get a job! Jobs don’t pay enough, or take time away from school? Rearrange the schedules. Not enough? Start a band. Still not enough? Then take a pencil and draw, construct, film. Shit! Just don’t stop because it’ll slowly kill your impulse and assurance. Push yourself until it becomes natural.

If you want a child, especially a teenager to have self-confidence and to follow their dreams, you gotta be the one to show them how to do it, words aren’t enough! They’ll watch your every move and it’ll become so natural that the strive will become a daily routine rather than a constant nagging 🙂




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