I am not a Queen, I am a Warrior

The difference between my views and that of other girls and women is that I am not looking to rule over a kingdom, I am fighting side by side the people that are most important to me, those who I believe in, to earn what is rightfully ours: the feeling of being content and having served our purpose in this world.

First and foremost, I am an enthusiastic working class mother of two. Passionately versatile and multitasking, I am obsessed with building creative projects and watching them grow. Which is why I have started to produce and conceptualize film productions. Then, it’s more of the same because I could not imagine doing anything else than what I already do. Even my hobbies are creative; even my time off ends up being a romantic work of art.

I believe that in my past lives, the humans that have created my entity had to fight for being who they were. Fear and lack of acceptance or even understanding, make for witch hunts. The works I build seek to push the limits of stereotypes. Beyond images of precious child bearers or raging Valkyries, my characters embody the full range of women essentialities and the strong sensitivity of men. The mythical creatures bring a story to life while, at the same time they idealize the struggles of empowered women and the reality of imposed manliness. And the idea transfers from drawings to character development, to ambiance and story telling. In the hopes that it inspires the youth to be mindful, creative and content rather and angry, negative and desperate for things that should not matter.



Art works : Culture and Spirituality

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If I was patience, I’d be upset I’d be tired of waiting and expecting I’d be restless and hopeful at the same time I’d be down to Earth and yet feel alienated by my surroundings Why, you ask How can one contradict themselves so much Patience is a concept Patience is an ideal Patience is …

Blog: Ideas behind…

My mind never stops thinking, analyzing, creating until it solves or creates. I build with ambiance and energies. I can’t really explain, I can only show you and work with you in developing an image, an idea, a concept.

Here are some of the ideas, values and background that give birth to the content I am producing.

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